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MG Janitorial
Green Janitorial and sanitation

Our Pledge

  • conserve energy,water and natural resources.

  • Strive to increase waste diversion by recycling all paper, cardboard, wood, metals, metals, plastics, packaging and cans.

  • reuse, recycle and reduce

  • promote environmental education, out reach and awareness. 

  • reduce the waste stream by increasing recycling and composting capacity to 95%.

  • Discourage the use of paper towels by prompting cloth towels

  • Choose green sealed janitorial cleaning products.

  • only use recycled content products, materials and supplies.

  • Recycle universal wastes and prohibit purchasing hazardous wastes.

  • Most importantly encourage our clients and vendors to provide only green solutions and recyclables products. 

Green sanitation and cleaning
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