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Green Sanitation Cleaning

Green Sanitation Cleaning that Protects Our Planet

You are committed to using green technologies wherever you can in your business and your life. You can continue to reinforce that commitment even in these trying times with MG Janitorial and our complete line of green sanitation cleaning products and techniques. The cleaning industry continues to evolve and there are alternatives available that are less toxic, just as effective, and able to fully sanitize your property. Sometimes going green is as simple as using a little elbow grease instead of a fancy machine. We can help you protect your planet while operating a clean and healthy establishment.

Sanitation Services Utilizing Eco-Friendly Options

In many instances, time is actually needed more than a more toxic chemical when searching for a greener cleaning option. Our sanitation services follow all recommended guidelines and instructions to eradicate germs, bacteria, and viruses from the surfaces in your building.Whenever possible, we turn to the least toxic option and focus on using natural derivatives.

Living a Healthier Life at Home and at Work

Breathe deep when you arrive at work every morning after we have completed the nightly clean and disinfection of your office, retail space, or manufacturing facility. We are happy to work with you to find the right mix of techniques and cleaning products that leave a glistening and sweet smelling space for you and your co-workers. We can also help you install hand sanitizing stations and cleaning supply depots throughout the premises, so your employees can always stay protected all day long.

Learn more about our green cleaning techniques and products that MG Janitorial uses every day. We can arrange for a demonstration and offer no-obligation quotes. Call us today!

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