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Janitorial Service

Is your small office spending time every night running the vacuum and wiping down the bathroom? If you are spending valuable hours in housekeeping instead of sealing a deal, it is time to hire a commercial cleaning service like MG Janitorial. Whether you need us every day or just once a week, you can have sanity restored to your workspace without breaking a sweat on your part. We provide all the equipment and chemicals, so it is truly one less thing that you have to put on your plate.

Reliable, Professional, Affordable Commercial Janitorial Service


Be Ready for Opening Every Day with Nightly or Early Morning Cleaning

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Is your storefront always looking a little dusty around the edges? Maybe you own the strip mall and the sidewalk and windows could do with a little bit of regular attention. Janitorial service is more than running the vacuum and emptying your trash. We can bring back that just opened look every day of the week. Better yet, we never need to interrupt your day with crews available to tidy things up when it is most convenient for you.

Janitorial Service that Polishes Every Corner of the Office or Store Front

Ask us about restoring the shine on your tile floors, removing the lingering stain in the office carpet, or taking the grime off your front door. Customers and clients always receive their first impression when they approach your front door. We can help you ensure that instead of being distracted by clutter and grime, they see a professional established prepared to serve. Dusting, restroom maintenance, emptying all the trash inside and out, and more. If it's a cleaning chore on your list, we can take it over for you.


Call MG Janitorial today! We are eager to visit your office or business to complete a survey of your needs and provide a fast and competitive written quote.

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