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Sanitation Cleaning

Protecting Your Clients and Staff with Sanitation Cleaning Services

In these troubled times, you are more concerned than ever with the cleanliness and sanitary standards for your facility. MG Janitorial is here for you with sanitation cleaning services that will create a safe and healthy working environment for you, your staff, your customers, and ultimately your family. Whether you need advice on what type of cleaners to use in your small office or require some extra assistance to meet new state requirements, we have the answers for you.


Ongoing Commercial Building Cleaning for High Traffic Work Spaces

Many retail and commercial establishments now need the help of non-stop sanitizing for common touch services such as counters, restrooms, doors, and common use carts and tools. Make sure that you are presenting a safe item and space for each customer and client with our commercial building cleaning and supplies. We can help you add a dedicated cleaner to your daily routine that stays wholly focused on keeping your restrooms and public surfaces clean and as germ free as possible.

Going the Extra Mile every Night to Stop the Spread of Disease

Are you deep cleaning between shifts? We can send in a crew after the end of business and use approved sanitizing solutions to remove lingering germs, bacteria, and viruses from your environment. Add an extra carpet clean and floor sanitizing night to your seasonal schedule. It takes muscle and knowing how to make sure that every corner of your store, office, factory, or service location is ready to face the future while protecting your people and the public.


Don't wait to call MG Janitorial today to request additional sanitizing crews and services. You will be able to get back to work while adhering to new rules and regulations pertaining to public health.

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